POE Switches
POEFEM24T2SFP 24-Port Managed PoE Fast Ethernet Switch POEFEM24T2SFP 24-Port Managed PoE Fast Ethernet Switch
POEFEM24T2SFP 24-Port Managed PoE Fast Ethernet Switch

The POEFEM24T2SFP features 24 PoE compliant ports running at 10/100Mbps and 2 uplink ports in a paired mini-GBIC (SFP) and Copper /10/100/1000Mbps configuration. This switch is designed for high port density PoE applications such as VoIP phone deployment or IP security camera environments.

The Intelligent Layer 2 SNMP management features enable reliable transport of critical VoIP and Security data, even in congested network environments. VoIP requires prioritisation of Voice Calls over general Network Data and Security system require not only prioritisation, but also port based link security and reporting of link failures to intelligent SNMP applications. These and other intelligent network features are all supported from the POEFEM24T2SFP switch.

The POEFEM24T2SFP supports the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard for Power Injection (PSE). This injects PoE power onto the Cat5 Cable when it detects the presence of a PoE complaint device. When operating with non PoE devices the switch will shut down the power injecting circuitry and as such not cause any damage to your network devices - but still allow them to run on the switch as in the case of a normal Ethernet device. The POEFEM24T2SFP uses a injection voltage of about 48VDC on pins 1, 2, 3, 6

Other Intelligent Network features offer a complete management solution that can enable you to scale you network from a single departmental switch right upto any Enterprise environment. STP and RSTP offer network redundancy features, IGMP snooping offers support for Streaming Video and Multicasing images, Tagged Vlan offers logical security and management of nodes within defined groups. QOS based on port priority queues and TOS bytes ensure effient forwarding of critical network data.

Product Features
Product Specification
Standard Compliance
~ IEEE802.3/802.3ab / 802.3z / 802.3u / 802.3x/ 802.3af

Transmission Mode
~ 1000Mbps support full duplex only
~ 10/100/1000Mbps for TP
~ 1000Mbps for Fibre

Full Forwarding/Filtering Packet Rate
~ 1000Mbps: 1,488,000PPS
~ 100Mbps: 148,800PPS
~ 10Mbps: 14,880PPS

MAC Address and Self-learning
~ 8K address table entries
~ 256 VLAN table entries
~ 256 IP multicast table entries

Buffer Memory
~ Embedded 256KB packet buffers and 128KB control memory

Flow Control
~ IEEE802.3x compliant for full duplex
~ Backpressure flow control for half duplex

Cable and Maximum Length
~ TP: Cat. 5e UTP cable, up to 100m
~ 1000Base-SX: Up to 220/275/500/550m, depending on Multi-Mode Fibre used
~ 1000Base-LX SC: Single-Mode Fibre, up to10/30/50Km
~ 1000Base-FX WDM SC S-M: Single Fibre, BiDi 20Km

Diagnostic LED
~ Per Port LED:
~ 10/100M TP Port 1 to 24: LINK/ACT, FDX, SPD
~ 1000M Fibre/TP Port 25,26: LINK/ACT, FDX, SPD

Power Requirement
~ Voltage: 100 - 240 V AC
~ Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
~ Consumption: Max:
~ 12W ( when no PD devices are connected)
~ Max. 185W ( POE connections: 12ports @ 15.4W or 24ports @ 7.7W )

Ambient Temperature
~ 0 to 50 degrees C

~ 5% to 90%

~ 44(H) x 442(W) x 209(D) mm

~ FCC Part 15 Class A, CE Mark Approval & C-Tick