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Aastra 57i
Aastra 57i
Aastra 57i
Aastra 57i 9 line IP Phone with 144x128 pixel graphical display

The Aastra 57i offers powerful features and flexibility in a standards based, carriergrade advanced level expandable IP telephone. With a sleek and elegant design, large 144 x 128 pixel graphical backlit LCD display and 6 dynamic context-sensitive softkeys, the 57i is fully interoperable with leading IP Telephony platforms, offering advanced XML capability to access custom applications and support for up to 9 calls simultaneously.

Part of the Aastra Premium Series of IP telephones, the 57i is ideally suited for executives and heavy telephone users who require more one touch feature keys and a large screen to take full advantage of XML based programs. Further call flexibility and coverage can be added using Aastra 536M or 560M Expansion modules, adding up to 180 softkeys and LEDs to the base 57i phone, and making this the ideal platform for the traditional Receptionist role.

Product Features
Product Specification
~ Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset
~ Full-duplex quality speakerphone
~ Modular headset connector with built-in amplifier
~ Non-amplified business headsets are recommended

Display and Indicator
~ 144x128 pixels graphical LCD display
~ Soft white backlight for user comfort in any lighting environment
~ Configurable for Always On, Always Off, or Auto (power saving)
~ LED for call and message waiting indicator

~ AC wall adapter included
~ Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support

~ 23.5 cm W x 20.8 cm D x 8.0 cm H (9.3”W x 8.2”D x 3.2”H)
~ 940 g (33.0 oz)
~ 4 adjustable footstand positions
~ Wall mountable

Expansion Modules
~ Aastra 536M – 36-keys paper label module with LEDs
~ Scalable up to 3 modules per 57i for a total of 108 extra softkeys/LEDS
~ Aastra 560M LCD Module – 20 softkeys for 60 functions per Module
~ Scalable up to 3 modules per 57i for a total of 180 extra softkeys/LEDS
~ Install 3 modules, either 536M or 560M, per phone
~ No additional external power required; Modules powered directly from phone