Auto Telecom's Company Profile

Auto Telecom is a recognised international manufacturer of the Hybrex Key Telephone System. Taiwanese by origin, Hybrex appeared on the Australian market in 1989.

Auto Telecom has experienced steady world wide growth since then and recognizing the potential sales in Australia and the ability to provide research and development for the international market, Auto Telecom Taiwan established the first Australian office in Sydney in 1998.

The growth of the Hybrex Key Telephone System here in Australia has been very encouraging indeed even though Auto Telecom does not rely on a consumer product name, such was the demand for the Hybrex Telephone System that an Australia wide dealer network was formed. Auto Telecom continued to expand it's market by releasing it's first Digital Key Telephone System the G1.824 in 1999, followed by the G2.1648 and of course the release of our multi cabinet GDS 600 Digital Telephone Systems.

Auto Telecom Australia is fast becoming the leader in Key Telephone Systems providing up to date Telecommunications for an ever demanding market.