Telephone Systems G2-GDS Digital Voice Centre

Hybrex Business Telephone Systems Small to Large Business Telephone Systems

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  • ISDN S/T(2B+D) interface or Analogue PSTN interface.
  • Digital Twin port design
  • 4 Digital Twin Ports for 8 Digital Key Telephones.
  • 40 POTS ports available.
  • One system for Voice Data and LAN Communication. TCP/IP Addressing.
  • Built in Voice Mail - 4/8 Ports 2/16 Hours (Optional Equipment).
  • Compact size with Quick connectors for easy installation.
  • Share ISDN lines with high-speed internet access and voice communication.
  • Full ISDN Features Support:
    • Exchange mode/Multiple Device mode.
    • Call Charge Metering Information.
    • Caller ID - PSTN and ISDN.
    • Direct Inward Dialling.
    • Call Forward Internal/External.
    • Call Waiting.
    • MSN (Multiple Subscriber Number).
    • Sub-addressing.
    • Easy Call Network Forwarding
    • User to User Signaling, ...etc.
  • Hotel Motel Features
    • 12/16Khz Metering
    • PMS Interface
  • LCR - Least Cost Routing for call cost savings.
  • Voice mail Interface for 3rd Party systems.
  • CTI - Computer Telephony Integration.
  • Access Control Phone - Digital DoorPhone with Card Controlled access system and tracking software.
  • Future Expansion to 624 Ports.
Specifications Maximum
ISDN S/T interface 6
ISDN PRI Interface 1
Analog PSTN line 16
Digital key Telephone port 40
Single telephone port 40
Maximum Extensions 48
Voice Mail/Voice Card 4/8 Ports
LAN Interface 10/100 MBPS 1
External music interface 1
Door Phone/Relay/Sensor 1
Modem Port for remote Programming 1
V.24 interface for serial printer or PC 115KBPS 1
G2 Main Equipment (Closed) G2 Main Equipment (Open)

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