CT Star - Hybrex Computer Telephony Integration Package

Hybrex Business Telephone Systems Small to Large Business Telephone Systems

Designed for use with the Hybrex G2 and GDS digital systems, the CT Star CTI software package contains multiple applications. The most important and advanced feature of CT Star is that the design of every application is Internet based. This means with the server/client structure of CT Star you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

The applications contained within CT Star are:

With Hybrex CT Star the feature rich nature of Hybrex digital technology is maximised.

System requirements: Current series PC network.
Server minimum : 500MHz uP, 100MB HD, 256M RAM, running Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro or XP Pro.
Client machines : similar, running Microsoft Windows 98SE or better.

CT Star - The Hybrex Computer Telephony Integration Package