Analogue Card Allows the connection of any analogue device to the digital telephone system.
2 port – 2 analogue devices eg cordless phones, computer modem and fax machines and standard handsets.
8 port – 8 analogue devices eg cordless phones, computer modem and fax machines and standard handsets.
Battery Backup (G1 & G2) During a power failure the battery back up unit provides up to 2 hours of power to the telephone system.
Caller ID The Caller ID board allows the telephone number of the caller to display on the LCD screen of the handset and the last 10 incoming numbers can be reviewed.
Conference Card Allows three-way conference, for example, two outside lines and one internal extensions or two internal extensions and one outside line.
Door Station (G1 & G2) Features of the Hybrex ACP Door Station
  • The Hybrex ACP Door Station can either intercom all handsets or individual extensions, for example the Receptionist or deliveries only.
  • The Door Station can be programmed so hands free calls can be made from the unit.
  • The Door Station has a seven-digit lock code that enables entry from the outside (if the door is fitted with a door striker). This can be programmed so entry is accessed either 24 hours or set for a specified time frame.
Maximum configuration for 16 PSTN lines or 12 ISDN voice channels and up to 48 station ports (of which, 8 must be analogue stations). Can take a primary rate card.
Maximum configuration for 64 PSTN lines or 120 ISDN voice channels and up to 192 station ports. Up to 4 primary rate cards.
Primary Rate Card
Caters for a ISDN 10, 20 or 30 which will allow up to 30 ISDN voice channels.
DK2-DSS - DSS Console Allows the Receptionist a visual status of lines and extensions that are in use or free.
GS-SIU3 - ISDN (BRI) - 3 Ports Allows the connection of up to 3 ISDN2 services that will provide 6 voice channels.
G2-SLU -
Single Line Unit - 8 Ports
Allows connection of up to 8 analogue devices eg cordless phone.
G2-SLU - Station Unit - 8 Ports Allows the connection of 8 digital station ports.
G2-TKU - Trunk Unit - 4 Ports Allows the connection of up to 4 analogue exchange lines (PSTN).
G2-VMU - Voice Mail Unit Each station can have it’s own voice mail where messages can be left from internal and external calls to the station. A total of 2 or 4 hour message time.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network, otherwise commonly known, as ISDN is a clearer and more dedicated digital line with the added feature of indial.

Indial is a 100 telephone number range. One main number and 99 indial numbers, which can be allocated to individual extensions. Your service provider can bill Indial numbers individually. The indial range can be established on new ISDN connections only.

PSTN lines can be converted to ISDN lines with no ISDN facilities such as the indials. Unless moving to new premises there is no advantage to changing to ISDN

Indial numbers can assist with marketing, by indicating the calls to advertised numbers. A computer software package will list exactly which telephone numbers were called, this can determine which advertising methods are working effectively.

Below is an example of how Indial numbers may be used to assist with marketing and used for a direct personal line for staff.

ISDN 3 Channel 6 Voice Card Allows the maximum connection of 3 x ISDN2, which gives up to 6 digital voice channels.
PSTN Line Card This enables additional four PSTN lines to be installed to the telephone system.
Main Equipment (G1) Standard configuration is four PSTN lines with 8 station ports. The maximum configuration can be built to eight lines and 24 stations.

Standard configuration is 2 ISDN lines (four voice channels) and eight station ports. Maximum configuration can be increased to 3 ISDN lines (six voice channels plus four PSTN lines and 24 stations).
Music on Hold A Line Isolation Unit (LIU) connects a radio or CD player by a 3.5mm stereo earphone jack to the telephone system for music or a recorded message such as a business profile to be played to customers when they are on hold. The music on hold can also be listened to through the handset.
P8-GWD GSM Router Tired of the high cost of calls to mobile numbers from your business network? Your LCR (least cost routing) armoury is now complete with the addition to your network of the Hybrex P8-GWD GSM Router. Designed to convert fixed line calls to mobile calls the P8-GWD is ideal for small to large business with reduced communication costs in mind.

The Hybrex P8-GWD operates in the GSM 900 MHz and GSM 1800 MHz frequency bands providing an easy radio connection for voice and data transmission as the mobile trunk for your PABX/KTS system, or as a fixed "mobile" telephone for home use.
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) has been in Australia since the 1930’s, is a standard analogue telephone line that gives you one speech pair. If you want two people talking in your office at one time you need two PSTN lines. If three people are required to speak at once you need three PSTN lines. Each PSTN line has it’s own telephone number, when advertising, if you require your lines can be in rotary. Rotary means you advertise one number and when it is in use it rotates to the next number in the telephone exchange. PSTN supports fax.
RS232 Output & External PA A Misc. Card used for PA sydtems, Door phones & connection to computers.
Station Card This enables additional eight station ports to be installed to the telephone system.
Voice Card (60 Seconds) Auto attendant allows the system to answer and direct calls without the aid of a Receptionist. The caller will hear a series of prompts to direct the caller to the correct department that they are after, eg press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts.

If the Receptionist is on a call, the voice card can be programmed to automatically answer the call. The caller is put on hold and a recorded message is played such as “all operators are busy, we will answer you call shortly”.
Phone Number Extension Purpose
9721–8000 Reception Main Advertised Number.
9721-8010 Programmed to ring at Ext 11 Personal indial
9721-8052 Programmed to ring at Ext 12 Personal indial number
9721-8088 Rings at programmed extension Allocated to Trading Post. Trading Post displayed on
9721-8099 Rings at programmed extension Allocated to Yellow Pages Online, this information is displayed on handset screens.
9721-8080 Rings at programmed extension Marketing flyers etc. location of flyers can be set in the phone eg Hurstville.
9721-8066 Rings at programmed extension Marketing material in Sydney CBD
9721-8024 Programmed at ext 14 to ring Personal indial number