engin Business
engin business pack offers local AND national calls for only 10 cents, untimed, anytime, Why not compare these fantastic rates below with what you're currently paying

engin Single Line Solutions
Perfect for your small office or home based business. Simply plug your Internet connection into one side of an engin VoiceBox and plug your standard telephone handset into the other side and you're ready to start saving.

You could save thousands of dollars each year with all the same benefits and features you currently experience, including a local number and the ability to create direct extension dialing and local numbers in other states to give your company a national presence.

Plan engin Business Starter engin Business 20 engin Business 50
Monthly Service Fee $9.95 $20.00 $50.00
Included Calls N/A 100 local or national calls 450 local or national calls
Local and National Calls 10c untimed, anytime 10c untimed, anytime 10c untimed, anytime
Mobile Calls 27c per minute 20c per minute 18c per minute
International Calls From 1.9c per minute From 1.9c per minute From 1.9c per minute
engin to engin FREE FREE FREE

engin Voice Box may be required. Minimum 512 kbps broadband connection recommended. Excludes ISP charges. Timed calls are billed for fi rst minute then per second – excludes Business Starter Plan, it is billed on a per minute basis. Subject to credit approval. Fair use Policy applies. *International mobiles and special services are not included. Visit engin.com.au/business for full terms and conditions.

BROADBAND PLAN 0GB (Voice Only) 10GB 25GB 50GB 100GB
Monthly Service Fee $39.95 $59.95 $79.95 $99.95 $129.95

No On/Off peak periods ANYTIME.

engin Business Pack
engin Business Pack Plans have been designed for small to mediumb usinesses to make savings across multiple lines. They are also agreat way for smaller businesses with multiple premises requiring individual services to create savings without compromising on service.

At engin, we understand you have a need to communicate with customers, staff and suppliers as cost effectively aspossible. Businesses with large phone bills will benefit from engin usage discounts, engin applies up to 10% #discount to the total number of calls you makein a monthly bill cycle.

engin Business Pack can be tailored to any number of services you require.

# Discount amount is dependent on number of services.

Plan Business Pack Starter Business Pack Gold Business Pack Platinum
Monthly Service Fee $19.90 $39.75 $69.50
Local and National Calls 10c untimed, anytime 10c untimed, anytime 10c untimed, anytime
Minimum Number of Services Included 2 5 10
Pack of 10 Business Pack Extenders * $20 $20 $20
Mobiles 18c per minute 18c per minute 18c per minute
Usage Discount per Service 2% 5% 10%
International * 20c untimed to 21 countries 20c untimed to 21 countries 20c untimed to 21 countries

* International mobiles and special services not included. 21 Countries include:
UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland and Israel.

engin Business Pack Extenders
engin Business Pack Extenders is an optional service with great benefits and flexible applications for your business. The engin Business Pack Extenders enable your business to have a virtual national presence. For example, if your business is based in Victoria, your customers in New South Wales could call a local Sydney number instead of calling interstate. This allows your customers based in other capital cities in Australia, the ability to call you for the cost of alocal call^.

SIP Trunking with Indial ranges
engin's newInDial range andSIPTrunkbusinessplan's are agreatlow cost alternativetothe currentISDN/Onramp services outinthe marketplace.*

1300 / 1800 & 13 Service Numbers
Are now available from engin.

Contact our Business Sales Team on 1300 305 004 to find out more. *IP/PBXdependant.^Availablein all capital cities and alimited number of regional areas

Does your business have remote offices?
Now you can connect all sites on the one account easily and the benefits are shared across the entire account. Including free calls between users on the engin network.

Like to work from home?
It's never been easier with engin Business Pack. Just take one of the extra services and use it in your home and still get the same great rates.

engin Business Pack grows with your business.
Need some additional lines? Just contact engin Business Sales and they will add them to your account. Additional services can be ready for use within minutes.

For more information:
Please contact NSW Communications Ph: (02) 9644 4444.